Dougald Hine

Something completely different

What do I read when I've had enough of the heavy stuff?

Anything by Geoff Dyer, but especially:

I've recently been converted to the cult of the graphic novel - and I can't believe I had left it so long. Grant Morrison's The Invisibles series is insane and brilliant, twisting impressionable minds out of black-and-white oppositions, into a fluid reality in which the person who was the embodiment of evil a moment ago may be the one who saves your life in the next round. Alan Moore is obviously a genius - and his Promethea series is particularly wonderful.

Tom Hodgkinson manages to write about many of the subjects I hold forth on, but with a lightness and playfulness which I'm sure reaches far more people. How To Be Idle distills the wisdom of years of joyfully ill-disciplined editing of The Idler magazine - while How To Be Free is the kind of book on anarchism that you can give to your mum. (I did, as a retirement present.)