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  • For some, collapsonomics is about finding ways to build resilient, sustainable, local-food communities that make use of creative frugality and reskilling. For others, it's about mass disaster relief planning.
    Collapsonomics: A New World Order? - The Irish Times, 7 January 2012
  • It seems we need a term for big, obvious threats that are sure to emerge - think asteroid impacts - but which few want to face. Handily, students of "collapsonomics" have already coined one: "black elephants."
    The New Scientist discovers Collapsonomics, 21 April 2010

And finally...

  • 'Monarchy: change our minds' - BBC, 7 June 2002 (in which I feature as a "Jubilee Babe")
  • Dougald Hine is celebrating. Last week he was singled out by his employers as their top door-to-door salesman. And he gained a first in English at Oxford.
    'First at the Door' - The Guardian, 1 August 2000